Critical Mass Barrel Aged

Critical Mass Barrel Aged


Brewed with dark roasted barley malts and hopped with spicy Goldings hops, Critical Mass is fermented using two English ale yeasts to deliver a perfectly balanced, rich ale brimming with fruity esters. This special-edition of our classic strong ale has taken on new character, with rich sherry and almond notes coming to the fore following a period of maturation in Oloroso casks. A stellar barrel-aged adventure.

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A 5L keg holds just under 9 pints of bright beer with a tap ready to serve, as it's bright you don't need to wait for the yeast and sediment to settle. Best before is 14 days from the fill date unopened (if you've got the will power...), this is located on the bottom of the keg .Once opened keep refrigerated and drink within 3-5 days. Best served between 8C-12C 

Allergens: Gluten from Malted Barley.