Nørdland IPA

Nørdland IPA


Taking its name from one of the best places on earth to view the northern lights, Nørdland IPA is a tropical delight with a distinctly Nordic twist. Notes of orange and citrus come from the rediscovered Norwegian farmhouse yeast "Kveik Voss" while Papaya, Stone-fruit and Blueberry flavours burst through, courtesy of the Galaxy and Mosaic hops, expect a swirling storm of fruity flavour.

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A 5L keg holds just under 9 pints of bright beer with a tap ready to serve (as it's bright you don't need to wait for it to settle as the yeast has been removed). Best before is 14 days from the fill date unopened, this is located on the bottom of the keg (if you've got the will power...) - then once opened keep refrigerated and drink within 3-5 days. Best served between 8C-12C 

Also available for Store Pickup direct from our brewery shop in Partridge Green, 2 Pints, 10L Minipins20L Polypins and Single Cans.